Fitness Space Battersea Reach

Located in Battersea Reach, close to Wandsworth Bridge, our fully-equipped gym, offers a training space and head space to achieve your fitness results with the support of our Fitness Coaches.

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Memberships & Pricing

No 'one size fits all', whatever your goals, there’s a membership type for you.

£60 Per month

  • Studio access
  • Group classes
  • Fitness Space app
  • No joining fee

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  • Digitally connected state-of-the-art studio and equipment
  • Team of level 3 qualified Fitness Coaches
  • DNA testing
  • Body composition analysis
  • TEAMBEATs and heart rate monitors
  • Cowshed shower and body products


Passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals, our coaches are here to take you on the best journey you’ll ever make. No intimidation here, just a friendly bunch who promise you’ll Never Train Alone.


I would go to the gym but not make any real progress. I joined Fitness Space and within 210 days, I had reached my weight goal! I couldn’t have done it without my coaches’ guidance and being there to keep me on track.

Stefanie Ross
FS Battersea Reach

A good sized gym with the best personal training. My partner and I were previously a member of another gym and I am so glad we switched - we've both seen real and consistent results and feel well supported by a professional, friendly and experienced PT. The gym is smaller than some others nearby but for me this is a plus, and adds to the open and welcoming feel of Fitness Space.

There is an app that gives you a structured plan that is regularly reviewed by a PT. This means there is help with individual exercises and the plan is more enjoyable because it's tailored by a PT to you over time. It also means the PT sees how often you've been in and what you've done, which is very motivating!

If you've struggled with gyms previously and want a supportive environment with the convenience of an app that provides structure and evidence of measurable change, then Fitness Space is the best choice in my opinion.

Paul Booth
FS Battersea Reach

I joined this gym about 5 months ago now and it is one of the best gyms I have been to. It has lots of really good gym equipment, good use of space on the gym floor so nothing feels cramped or overcrowded and there are a good variety of high quality classes. Everyone that works there are also great and really helpful.

Kayti Smith
FS Battersea Reach

Wonderful gym, conveniently located and with the most friendly and encouraging trainers. Love this place!

Sammer Kassam
FS Battersea Reach

Great gym, friendly team. Top of the range Technogym equipment throughout, plus good training aids and accessories. Good space and always clean. Decent showers too.

Julian Taberer
FS Battersea Reach

Fitness Space is more than just a gym.
We offer products that help you to define your fitness journey and achieve your goals.

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Personal training sessions with your dedicated Fitness Coach. Fast track your results with ongoing motivation and guidance.

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Four-week intensive programme made up of 20 early morning sessions. Track your development from start to finish and get ready for a full body transformation, with the benefit of regular group exercise and peer support.

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Stretch and strengthen your muscles in a heat-controlled environment, led by a qualified Hot Yoga instructor.

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Non-invasive DNA test to understand your genetics and use this data to create a work-out programme unique to your body.

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Regular body composition testing with over 30 metrics on your physical makeup to guide and support your workout programme. Accurately track your results in the FS app.