At Fitness Space we believe you should never train alone. Whenever, wherever we’ll always be by your side. We’re in it for your journey.

When you join Fitness Space you’ll be assigned your own Fitness Coach who is with you during your weekly or monthly personal training session.

We will create a fully customised personal training program for you including nutritional advice, so you'll know exactly what you need to do.

We are currently offering a 30-day Trial Membership, so you can be confident you have chosen the right gym for you.

Our 30-day Trial is your chance to experience our unique approach to fitness and membership. You’ll get to know the coaches; place and the way things work before you make a longer commitment.

For us, it’s an opportunity to learn about you, your body and your fitness goals and hopefully, it’s the foundation for greater things.

  • Personal training session
  • Personalized online programme
  • Unlimited access
  • Unlimited classes
  • Fitness Space tracking app
  • Body composition testing

Fitness Space Wimbledon 30-day £89

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If you're not entirely satisfied after 30 days, there is no obligation to join

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Membership options

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Kula Member

Designed to improve mind, body and soul, our Kula membership represents a truly holistic approach to health and fitness. Members can find head space with regular Hot Yoga classes and strengthen every aspect of their wellness with guidance from their own Fitness Coach. Kula also provides customised support in the form of a monthly personal training session, a precise online programme informed by DNA testing, group classes and, of course, full studio access.

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Studio Member

Studio opens the doors to what Fitness Space is all about. Members are welcomed in and provided with a foundation for fitness success. The membership delivers the support required to achieve real results in the form of a dedicated Fitness Coach, a monthly personal training session, full studio access and group classes. We get to know Studio members down to their DNA, ensuring the online programme is precisely customised to their body, requirements and goals.

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Catalyst Member

Catalyst Members want to train hard and see quick improvements. They’re not impatient, but they won’t stop until they see results. They’re Driven. Determined. Dedicated. Catalyst gives them the support they need to make progress at pace, starting with access to our exclusive Fit Camp – a focused, results-driven, four-week full body blitz. They can also expect to work with a dedicated Fitness Coach who understands their goals and is always there to guide the way, a monthly personal training session, studio access, group classes and a DNA-informed nutritional programme.

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Kula Member

Forge is for those looking for regular one-to-one personal training services. For those who know where they’re going but want to be shown how to get there. For those who like to see results with purposeful progress. This membership offers four personal training sessions a month, full studio access, group classes and a precisely customised online programme. It also includes a detailed nutrition plan, informed by DNA testing, to ensure each member can really forge ahead on their fitness journey.

Take your fitness further

Fit Camp
Hot Yoga
Personal Training
DNA Testing
Fit Camp

If you’re highly motivated and want to accelerate your progress, book into our Fit Camp. The results-driven, four-week full body blitz allows you to see your development from start to finish – taking into account your body stat analysis to provide an accurate report of how much change you’ve achieved.

Hot Yoga

Designed to improve mind, body and soul, our Hot Yoga classes enable you to stretch and strengthen muscles in a heat-controlled environment – helping to increase circulation to vital organs and glands, while stabilising the nervous system and improving concentration.

Personal Training

When a member joins Fitness Space, we’re with them for their entire journey – not just for sign up and induction. Everyone receives at least one monthly personal training session with their Fitness Coach, helping to fast-track their results in a highly motivational environment. It’s also a great way for the Fitness Coach to monitor progress, provide guidance and set members up with valuable information for the road ahead.

DNA Testing

Everyone is different which is why, for us, a one-size-fits-all approach can never be as effective as a bespoke plan. Therefore, when we say our programmes are customised to every individual, we mean it. Using the results of a non-invasive DNA test, we’re able to adapt our fitness and nutritional programmes to each member’s genetics. We find what works, fast, and our Fitness Coaches are able to make more informed decisions.

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