Sweat, sculpt, dance, tone – whatever your goal there is a class for you.

Mix it up and pick any class or your coach can suggest the categories and frequency based on the results you want to achieve.

Try something new, stick to your favourite class. One thing we promise is you'll leave with no regrets.


It’s time to feel the burn. Our high intensity Burn classes will get your heart-rate rising, sweat dripping and fitness levels soaring.

Ride n’ Lift

Prepare for a full body workout – in the saddle. Work your arms as hard as your legs and lungs.

Jabs n’ Revs

Our combination of boxing and studio cycling is a fun way to push your fitness levels to the limit.

Row 45

A sharp intense workout centred around the skill of rowing and specific cardio interval techniques.


There’s no fitness quite like boxing fitness. Jab and uppercut your way to a leaner, stronger you.

Ride n' Row

Rowing and studio cycling, together in one session – with live performance stats streamed on screen.

Tour de Fitness Space

Our challenging cycle class lets you take on an outdoor tour, from inside the studio, via immersive screens.

Row 30

A sharp intense workout centred around the skill of rowing and specific cardio interval techniques.


Unwind from the grind. Our calm-inducing Spirit classes promise to build core strength, tone muscle, improve flexibility and bring some zen to your workout.


Learn the physical, mental and spiritual disciplines that help to train mind, body and soul.

Functional Yoga

Exercise your inner strength by practising proper alignment and movement in a relaxed environment.


Quality time to focus on improving your balance, posture, core strength and flexibility.

Stretch n’ Flex

Increase your full range of movement and become suppler by attending our amazing mobility sessions.


Unlock your inner Beyoncé. Our energising Rhythm classes will improve your flexibility and balance, as well your overall fitness.


Take your fitness to another level – literally. This class combines dance moves with step equipment.


Dance to great music, with great people, and burn plenty of calories in the process.


Make muscles, not excuses. Work every major muscle group in your body with one of our Sculpt classes. Define your shape, test your strength and push your fitness levels to the limit.

HIIT the Floor

Insanity workout’s official HIIT session. There’s no need for equipment, it’s just you and the floor.


A stationed workout with great exposure to innovative fitness equipment and functional training tools – total body, timed and targeted efforts.

HIIT the Deck

No bands, no weights, no bars, just you and the deck for a full body HIIT workout.

Pump it Up

Our endurance weight training workout that tones every major muscle group in your body.


High Intensity Interval Training. Short, sharp and fast paced to get your heart rate through the roof.


The power of the kettlebell shouldn’t be underestimated – as you’ll see in our intense 30-minute class.

Core Focus

An intense session designed to engage your core and improve your overall strength.

Bell Bags n' Ropes

Go to battle. Take on our fierce kettlebell, punchbag and battle rope workout class.


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